The opulence, once you walk the aisle of a casino, is mesmerising. The pleasant fragrance of amusement, coupled with the dazzling lights, paves your way to a celestial experience. This aesthetic beauty is to bewitch our sensory perception of sight. This prudent design has an impact on human psychology. Thereby enchanting us to embrace the notion of splurging.

The Evolution of Casino Design

Lately, there has been a significant transition in how we indulge in games in a casino. The contemporary wave has ushered the marvel of superior casinos.

In the earlier days, you would encounter a gaming machine the moment you enter a casino. In contrast, now you are welcomed by the grandeur of an exquisite lobby. This frequent vicissitude escalates our visual pleasure and the casino’s profit.

The two divergent perspectives to casino design are Bill Friedman’s elegant casino design and Roger Thomas’s refashioned Las Vegas.

Casino Design

Bill Friedman and the Classic Casino Design

For the refashioning of casinos, Bill Friedman embarked on an escapade where he analysed over 80 casinos in the Nevada region. He soon realised that since the games are all the same, the architecture delights the players. After extensive research over 20 years, he authored the book titled Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition.

No Clocks or Windows, so you Lose Track of Time.

You can cosset in the luxury of a casino by trespassing your anxiety and stress if you are clueless of what time it is. If you can keep track of time, then it will make you conscious of other responsibilities, in case of any. Therefore, it is ideal for removing those impediments so that you revel in the game.

Labyrinthe Design to Disorientate You

Have you been distracted on your way to something as crucial as a restroom break?

This Labyrinthe architecture with extended routes that are winding, and scattered with enticing games on your way – you are sure to forget your way to the lavatory and instead be tempted by one of the flashy games.

These narrow winding passages engender the adventurous explorer in you to quench your curiosity about what lies ahead.


Intimate Settings to Let you Splurge

To appeal to a more massive crowd employing smaller rooms breaking off was a great tactic as it fostered the amalgamation of varied atmospheres to coexist under a single roof.

This engenders a feeling of intimacy, which escalates the player’s inclination to indulge in games. The gaming areas utilized low ceilings to curb the lofty open barn effect.

The Modern Architecture of Roger Thomas

Flaunting the usual rules concentrating his focus on what players feel. His contemporary design lets the player take a breather and energize his spirit before the player ventures into another game of blackjack. The windowless, boxy rooms were refashioned glamorous open spaces.

His vision was a relaxed environment for the player, encompassing high ceilings embellished with beautiful flowing fabrics and the opulence of European style furniture for gaming halls.